About us


Started in 2015, Parsel offers IT infrastructure service to the fragmented logistics industry that increases capacity utilisation and improves efficiency. Each delivery vehicle is equipped with our technology that directly connects them to the user in need to make a shipment. The shipment is tracked live, can be ordered instantly and works as proxy hands to deliver anything for anyone.

One of the key benefits of technology equipped logistics infrastructure is efficient utilisation of the capacity even with the existing multiple small players in the industry. The demand replaces being company centric to capacity centric. This frees up more facility for flexible use by the users at any time they want.

The solution Parsel offers is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure with low variable costs on demand based requirements. With us, businesses can rent logistics network from a bike, a tempo or a small truck in multiple ways as suited. Rentals are available on a single trip, hourly rental, monthly rental or more as required.

Our services are highly reliable, scalable and secured low cost infrastructure. All the drivers picking deliveries for Parsel have been thoroughly verified and personally interviewed before being put out to take care of your deliveries. Several startups in Gurgaon and Mumbai are regular users of our services and vouch for significant savings over the logistics end.


Himanshu Meena

Co-founder & CEO

MBA & Engineer, with understanding of Management, Psychology and Sales, leads the team at Parsel. “After graduating from IIM-Bangalore I headed a sales team of over 200 members. Various Management roles since have helped me as an Entrepreneur leader.

Understanding Value creation and flow, Money flow, Customer segmentation and targeting, Business relationship, Team Management, Product vision and scope, you’ll find me helping in all sections of operations at all stages of product lifecycle. Using our competence of Management, Finance and Technology we have helped businesses realize better value."

Akhil Sharma

Co-founder & CTO

has developed iOs games that topped charts in Australia, New Zeeland, UK and more and now guides the technology team. “My experience at Europe’s top mobile game studio company Neon Play for App development and Cloud computing was incredible. And then entrepreneurship opportunity came calling from India.

I help with hiring and building a technical team ready to create and provide best technology support for Parsel, especially ensuring easy scalability of technology. Besides structuring technology requirements, I also help with product development & evolution, market research and technology management.”

Rakesh K S

Co-founder & COO

has involved experience at Marketing and Business Relations. Customer Acquisition is his forte. “I was heading marketing in my last job. During this time I first encountered how technology was seriously missing from logistics in India. This was enough for me to realize how technology and management could work wonders as a couple. And of course being an Engineering graduate with an MBA from IIM-Bangalore helped. So, I decided to drop the perks of my MNC role. Ever since, my instincts at business relations have won many clients. This will be vital as we move towards building relations with Enterprises for our platform.”

Ishan Modi

Co-founder & CBO

specialized in Operations Management during his MBA. “Managing my family business with an annual turnover of $1.5 mn has helped be enrich my experience significantly. It has gotten down to knowing the minutest of details team management, sales & distribution and operations.

So at Parsel, I head the Sales division. And we used this cognizance at Operations to help set up the initial operations at Parsel. I also regularly contribute to decision making by providing feedback on customer expectation, customer behaviors and general service requirement.”